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Becoming a Certified Money Coach Is a Way to Master Skills in a Growing Profession

Becoming a Certified Money Coach Is a Way to Master Skills in a Growing Profession

Whether you are interested in training to be a money coach, are already a money coach or currently work in the financial services industry and wish to add to your knowledge base, becoming a Certified Money Coach is a smart way to meet growing demand while receiving an additional accreditation that demonstrates excellence in the profession.

The What

Money coaching is a relatively new industry and one that is rapidly growing. Money coaches work as independent, fee-based advisors. Money coaches do not sell financial products; rather, they work on helping clients debunk their limiting money beliefs as well as prioritize and meet their financial goals. As every client has a different financial problem or motivation when it comes to seeking objective advice, a money coach creates an individualized cash flow plan for each client.
When choosing a money coach to work with, clients will want to know not just the money coach’s hands-on experience, but also his or her training. Becoming a Certified Money Coach is a step in that direction.

The How

Before certification comes, of course, money coach training. Seek a money coaching organization that balances the principles of the profession with the application of those fundamentals through actual performance. A comprehensive program offers mentoring as part of certification.
Training and certification is not limited to individuals. From mortgage brokers and insurance advisors, if your financial services firm looks to refresh its employee skill set and enhance its reputation for client care, becoming a Certified Money Coach is a way to do that through group corporate training. Some academies and institutions will come to your area of business.
Of course, money affects everyone in some form or another and is the leading cause of conflict. If you are a counselor or family therapist, becoming a Certified Money Coach is a complementary way to work with your clients’ stresses and anxieties.

The Where

Seek out an academy or institution that offers mentoring as part of its certification process. Going beyond theory is important. You want certification that offers a combination of experiential hands-on work with clients as well as observation. A small instructor to student ratio develops this. The objective of becoming a Certified Money Coach is to hone and improve your money coaching skills – indeed, master them – so make sure the program supervises and honours those educational objectives.

The Why

Staying current and upgrading your skill set is a way to not only create a new client base but also to build up and capitalize on your existing one. Knowing you have continued your training as a money coach through certification helps confirm your dedication to providing top client service, setting you ahead of the group. Some organizations offer proprietary software applications as part of their certification programs, helping you increase productivity in the servicing of your clients.
And, when certified through organizations such as Money Coach Masters, you are accepted as part of an online marketing database of fellow professionals, extending your network and developing your business brand. Of course, once you are certified, you must maintain and uphold your good standing.
Becoming a Certified Money Coach is a service that looks at the bottom dollar in order to make sense.